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Lao-Luxembourg Health Sector Support Programme - Phase II


LuxDev's Regional office
Vientiane Regional Office

Partner execution agency
Lao Ministry of Health
2011 - 2015

Implementation period
January 2014 - January 2021
Total duration
84 months

Total budget
28,400,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    25,400,000 EUR
  • Government of Laos
    3,000,000 EUR

Focus Assessment

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been providing support to the health sector since the Cooperation between Lao PDR and Luxembourg started in the late 1997.

The preceding phase’s (LAO/017) specific objective was to “assist the Lao Ministry of Health (MOH) in implementing and operationalizing its long-term Health Sector Strategy 2000-2020, Primary Health Care Strategy and Health Sector Development Plans, emphasizing its eight Priority Programmes, with a view to implement quality health services for reaching a larger share of the population, especially the poorest, those at risk, and living in more remote areas. This includes ethnic minority peoples”.

LAO/027 will stay in that continuity, with a similar general objective, and a specific objective that aims at supporting the implementation of the updated sector policy (Health Sector Reform Framework 2013-2025) with a specific focus on Mother and Child Health, by fostering district health systems and actors.

The Project will have a steady geographical focus on the three provinces of Vientiane, Bolikhamxay and Khammouane. It will concentrate on fostering the Provincial Health Department roles and responsibilities, towards facilitation of effective Primary Health Care service delivery at district level and Mother and Child Health activities.

Special attention will be given to the development of a patient-centred health care approach, and to the priority target groups such as pregnant women and children under five-years.

In a nutshell, the Project is to support the MOH in implementing the Health Sector Reform framework 2013-2025, prioritizing access to quality Mother and Child Health services through the strengthening of health districts in the three central provinces.

The LL-HSSP II is fully aligned with the Government of Laos’ recent policy and strategy developments. It has been designed to support the further development and implementation of the health sector reform by the MOH as adopted by the National Assembly. As such, support will be provided: 

  • In accordance to the principles included in the three-builds decentralization model (greater autonomy and responsibilities given to the provinces); 
  • In line with the sub-sector strategies and the Primary Health Care / district approach adopted by the MOH; and 
  • In complement to the other development initiatives supported by the MOH and its Development Partners.