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Human Resources Development in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector


LuxDev's Regional office
Vientiane Regional Office

Vocational Training & Access to Employment
Partner execution agency
Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

Implementation period
March 2015 - February 2020
Total duration
60 months

Total budget
5,500,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    5,000,000 EUR
  • Contribution locale
    500,000 EUR


During the last two years, the liberalisation of its economic and political systems has directly led to a substantial growth in international tourist arrivals in Myanmar.

The overall objective of project MYA/001 is to achieve the goal of the Myanmar Tourism Master Plan 2013-2020, i.e. to maximise hospitality and tourism contribution to national employment and income generation.

Its specific objective is to build human resources capacity and promote service quality in the tourism sector in line with orientations of the strategic programme II of the Myanmar Tourism Master Plan.

Project MYA/001 has three results:

  • The regulatory environment and organisational capacities of the main institutional actors are strengthened;
  • The operational capacity of existing and new education and training providers is strengthened; and
  • The skills of the existing tourism workforce are upgraded.