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IFAD Tam Nong Support Project in Tuyen Quang Province


LuxDev's Regional office
Vientiane Regional Office

Local Development
Partner execution agency
Provincial People’s Committee Tuyen Quang Province
2011 - 2015

Implementation period
February 2014 - September 2017
Total duration
43 months

Total budget
26,696,216 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    2,000,000 EUR
  • IFAD
    18,779,587 EUR
  • Government of Vietnam
    3,436,605 EUR
  • Beneficiaries
    2,480,024 EUR


  • Một ngày tại Tát Kẻ, Khâu Tinh, Na Hang, Tuyên Quang

    To support the development of the Common Interest Groups (CIG) established in the project area, the district facilitators of Project VIE/035 in Tuyen Quang province have to travel to some remote areas, in order to meet with the members of the groups and to train them on farmers organisations' regulations, accounting procedures and business planning. These groups appreciate the support provided by the Project and they are committed to improve their conditions as active participants in specific agricultural value chains.

Final evaluation

Luxembourg Development Cooperation is committed to provide TA (Technical Assistance) and possibly other types of support to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the IFAD loan in Tuyen Quang province.

The modality is similar to existing experiences in Cao Bang (VIE/029) and in Laos (LAO/026) whereby LuxDev offers mainly technical support to the Provincial Project Management Unit established for planning and implementing the IFAD loan.

The IFAD Tam Nong Support Project (TNSP) will help a number of provinces including Tuyen Quang to carry out a number of pro-poor institutional reforms, including a more decentralized, grass-roots, bottom-up participatory approach, promoting agribusinesses and working in a “facilitator-not-implementer” manner. A particular focus is placed on reaching ethnic minorities, especially those in remote and upland areas, for whom the gap in rural incomes is growing.

The Tuyen Quang Provincial People’s Committee is requesting the Luxembourg-financed project VIE/035 help achieve the following outcomes:

  • Institutional capacity building and participatory planning, improving and developing the business environment;
  • Strengthening the participation of the private sector and promoting public-private partnership in agricultural business, expanding market access opportunities for the rural poor through pro-poor value chains, and implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation activities;
  • Preparation and implementation of a market-oriented participatory social-economic development plan.