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Collaborative Project between IBBL and the Two Main Pneumology Hospitals in Vietnam


LuxDev's Regional office
Vientiane Regional Office

2011 - 2015

Implementation period
July 2016 - June 2019
Total duration
36 months

Total budget
2,700,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    1,500,000 EUR
  • Integrated BioBank
    900,000 EUR
  • Vietnamese Government
    300,000 EUR

Vietnam currently lacks up-to-date pathology services in the area of lung diseases, particularly Tuberculosis (TB) and lung cancer. This means diagnoses are inadequate to allow the selection of the most appropriate treatment for critically ill patients.

The overall objective of project VIE/037 is thus to strengthen the anatomo-ptahology capacity in preventing lung diseases in Vietnam, while the specific objective is to improve the quality of the diagnosis of TB and lung cancer in the two national reference hospitals, i.e. the National Lung Hospital in Hanoi (NLH) and the Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City (PNTH).

This will be achieved through three results:

  • The laboratory facilities and equipment of the two hospitals are upgraded to international standards;
  • The capacities of pathologists and technicians for diagnosis of TB and lung cancer are developed to international standards; and
  • The Luxembourg and Vietnamese partners engage in future collaborative research.

The project has been designed around three connected phases:

  • Rehabilitation of the anatomo-pathology laboratories in the NLH and the PNTH, followed by the acquisition of medical equipment for the laboratories’ technical upgrade;
  • Specialised training in Luxembourg or France of four selected Vietnamese candidates: two pathologists/pathology doctors and two laboratory technicians; and
  • Installation of new technology devices, routine use of newly acquired pathology skills in the two hospitals, sample collection and research activities.