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Geographical areas


  • Burkina Faso
  • Cabo Verde
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Regional Africa
  • Senegal


  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua


  • Laos
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam


  • Kosovo


  • Local Development
    • Agriculture & Food Security
    • Decentralisation & Local Governance
    • Natural Resources Management
    • Water & Sanitation
  • Education - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
    • Basic Education & Literacy
    • Vocational Training & Access to Employment
  • Health
  • Microfinance and Finance
  • Renewable Energies
  • Various


Country Code Title Sectors
Regional AfricaAFR/820African Internet eXchange System (AXIS)Various
Burkina FasoBKF/018Implementing the National Education and Technical and Vocational Training PolicyVocational Training & Access to Employment
Burkina FasoBKF/019Implementing the National Forest Resources Management ProgrammeNatural Resources Management
Burkina FasoBKF/020Support for the Strategic Plan to improve Blood TransfusionHealth
Burkina FasoBKF/021ICT Development Support in Burkina FasoLocal Development
Burkina FasoBKF/024Project for land reclamation efforts towards pastoral usage and in conservation areasNatural Resources Management
Burkina FasoBKF/025 Education & Literacy
Cabo VerdeCVE/081Employment and EmployabilityVocational Training & Access to Employment
Cabo VerdeCVE/082Water and SanitationWater & Sanitation
Cabo VerdeCVE/083Renewable EnergiesRenewable Energies
Cabo VerdeCVE/881Strengthening the regional positioning of the Center for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance of Cabo VerdeVocational Training & Access to Employment
KosovoKSV/015Support to Vocational Education and Training Reform in Kosovo: Establishment of Centres of Competence in Ferizaj and Prizren Vocational Training & Access to Employment
KosovoKSV/017Health Sector Support Programme in Kosovo (Phase II)Health
KosovoKSV/018Institutional and Technical Support for the Water Supply SystemWater & Sanitation
KosovoKSV/019Technical Assistance in the Context of European Integration of KosovoDecentralisation & Local Governance
LaosLAO/020Strengthening of Human Resources in Hospitality and TourismVocational Training & Access to Employment
LaosLAO/026Technical Assistance to the IFAD Soum Son Seun Jai ProgrammeAgriculture & Food Security
LaosLAO/027Lao-Luxembourg Health Sector Support Programme - Phase IIHealth
LaosLAO/028Capacity building at the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Department for International CooperationVarious
LaosLAO/029Skills for Tourism – Human Resources Development in the Tourism and Hospitality SectorEducation - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
LaosLAO/030Local Development Programme for Bokeo, Bolikhamxay, Khammouane and Vientiane ProvincesLocal Development
LaosLAO/031Support Programme for Legal Teaching and Training and to the Promotion of the Rule of Law Concept in LaosVocational Training & Access to Employment
MaliMLI/021Rural Development and Food SecurityAgriculture & Food Security
MaliMLI/022Technical and Vocational TrainingVocational Training & Access to Employment
MaliMLI/023Decentralisation and Good GovernanceDecentralisation & Local Governance
MaliMLI/501Support to agropastoral value chains in Sikasso - PAFA MaliAgriculture & Food Security
MaliMLI/802Revival of the local economy and support to communities in northern MaliLocal Development
MaliMLI/803Recovery of the Local Economy and Community Support – Phase II (RELAC II)Local Development
MongoliaMON/006Consolidating cardiovascular Services and National Cardiac Centre in MongoliaHealth
MyanmarMYA/001Human Resources Development in the Hospitality and Tourism SectorVocational Training & Access to Employment
MyanmarMYA/002Eastern Shan State Rural Development and Inclusion ProjectLocal Development
NicaraguaNIC/026Institutional Support to Vocational Training in Hospitality and TourismVocational Training & Access to Employment
NicaraguaNIC/027Support to the Health Sector ProgrammeHealth
NicaraguaNIC/028Support to Tourism Sector ProgrammeLocal Development
NigerNIG/023Support to the Operationalisation of the Education and Training Sector Programme Basic Education & Literacy
NigerNIG/024Support to the National Vocational Training and Professional Insertion Programme in Niger IIVocational Training & Access to Employment
NigerNIG/025Support Programme for Sustainable Development in the Dosso Region, Phase IIAgriculture & Food Security
NigerNIG/026Support Programme for the Water and Sanitation Sector – Phase III (SPWSS-3)Water & Sanitation
NigerNIG/702Quality of Education Support Programme for the Regions of Dosso, Maradi, Zinder and DiffaBasic Education & Literacy
NigerNIG/801Socioeconomic development through support for training and youth professional integration in Agadez and Zinder regionsVocational Training & Access to Employment
SenegalSEN/027Support to the basic Health Sector of the ICP IIIHealth
SenegalSEN/028Vocational Training and Employment Programme of the ICP IIIVocational Training & Access to Employment
SenegalSEN/029Decentralisation and Citizenship Education Programme of the ICP IIIDecentralisation & Local Governance
SenegalSEN/030Support to the National Implementation of the ICP IIIVarious
SenegalSEN/801Developing Employment in Senegal: Strengthening Employability and Business Competitiveness in Departure AreasVocational Training & Access to Employment
El SalvadorSVD/024Support and Monitoring of Bilateral Cooperation Projects in El SalvadorVarious
VietnamVIE/032Support Vietnam’s Securities Market Consolidation and Improve Training CapacitiesMicrofinance and Finance
VietnamVIE/033Project for local development and adaptation to climate change impacts in the lagoon area of the TT Hue provinceLocal Development
VietnamVIE/034Bac Kan, Technical and Vocational Education and Training - Phase IIVocational Training & Access to Employment
VietnamVIE/035IFAD Tam Nong Support Project in Tuyen Quang ProvinceLocal Development
VietnamVIE/036Cao Bang/Wise Use of Water and AgricultureAgriculture & Food Security
VietnamVIE/037Collaborative Project between IBBL and the Two Main Pneumology Hospitals in VietnamHealth
VietnamVIE/401Climate Adapted Green Growth in Thua Thien Hue Province - ENNERGY EFFICIENCY NAMA PILOT IN HUE CITYRenewable Energies
VietnamVIE/433Climate Adapted Local Development and Innovation Project (Adaptation) Short: Adaptation in Thua Thien Hue Province (VIE/033ext) Local Development